WebOracle resides on three Microsoft technologies. If this was a software diagram,  than the .NET whale should’ve been at the bottom of the structure, but then you can argue how you can balance two whails and the earth and the WebOracle on the back of one whale? This wouldnot be a scalable solution would it? At the end we sacrifised architectural accuracy for the engineering stability – hence three equal whales. Strictly speaking SharePoint is a product (not a technology) and Business Intelligence is a way of life.  Not all whales are born equal. Ccompany also do some cross-platform development mostly utilizing HTML5.  We did few projects for Blackberry in Java and Blackberry Enterprise Server, but it is like telling that we can write COM components or serial communication modules.

Anyway team likes writing code for small devices and we are venturing into iPad and Android world, but comparatively this could be diagrammed as a shrimp.

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