WebOracle has vast experience of successfully delivering .NET enterprise applications in various business domains including Supply Chain, CRM, Retail, Manufacturing and Government. WebOracle has a strong R&D focus and works closely with Microsoft Advisory Services ensuring that the engineering team is continuously updated on the upcoming technologies and trained in the best practices.

Interactive Web-Based Applications  Our engineers specialize in developing highly interactive web applications using pure HTML5 / CSS and jQuery. Our architects can help you choose the appropriate paradigm for your application. We also have a rich experience implementing Smart Client solutions.

Migration and Reengineering of Legacy Applications  We have migrated several VB/ASP applications to ASP.NET as well as ported legacy Perl applications to .NET. If you are looking to future proof your product or looking to develop the next version, we bring a wealth of real life experience.

Scalable Applications Using Message Queues and Middleware  We excel at designing scalable solutions using our expertise with MSMQ With our experience and technology depth we assist clients in lowering the total cost of owning the software applications.

Reporting and Business Intelligence Applications  Most of the enterprise applications we build today use at least some component of reporting, charts and business intelligence. And we have a vast experience of designing solutions for some very high data volume solutions using SSRS and Crystal Reports, being used by very large chains in the inventory management and logistics.

PaaS Applications  We have designed and implemented large service-oriented custom applications using WCF and MVC 4.0 Web API and often use integration with Windows Azure to achieve higher scalability.

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